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“Southern Hotel” will surely put Clark on the map, and open doors for growth and flourishing in the future of his musical career.”
— Lauran Halligan, The Saint Rose Chronicle
...creating an atmosphere that most primetime audiences wouldn’t be able to handle. And, perhaps most importantly, he’s an artist who is earnest and full of integrity.
— Cameron Cooke, CultureMass

James Ethan Clark is breaking down the barriers of traditional americana music with influences of progressive rock, folk, soul and influences from his Grandmother, who was a Gospel recording artist in the 70’s and was a church choir director for 20 years.

Clark relocated from Coastal North Carolina to Nashville, TN in 2016.

 Most recently, Clark and his band (James Ethan Clark & The Renegades) recorded three self-produced singles: “Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes (feat. Leah Blevins)” (Recorded at Trace Horse Studio - Nashville, Engineered and Mixed by Scott Prudhoe), "Covered In Roses (feat. Erin Rae)", and "Calera" (Recorded at The Silent Planet Studio - Nashville, Engineered and Mixed J. Brandon Owens), and Mastering by Joe Hutchinson of Garage Masters.

Clark’s band of “Renegades” (Sam Wilson - Lead Guitar & Pedal Steel, Steven Cheek - Bass, Nathan Sexton - Percussion on Covered in Roses, Jonathan Dimmel - Percussion on Calera // Juan Soloranzo - Lead Guitar, Teddy Gordon-Stevens - Bass, Tom Myers - Percussion, Phillip Sterk - Pedal Steel on Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes) has had a few voices that soar alongside him: Folk/Americana powerhouses Erin Rae contributed a featured vocal on Covered In Roses, and Leah Blevins on “Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes” (also a co-writer of the song).

Clark's first, full-length recording “Southern Hotel” is an intrepid collection of songs about a young man’s coming of age in a bleak, southern landscape.

While at the time residing in North Carolina, Clark cut the aforementioned "Southern Hotel" in Nashville, TN at Prime Recording with Joshua Keith engineering and mixing. Mastering by Jonathan Russell of Masterfonics (Nashville).


"Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes (feat. Leah Blevins)" released on September 6, 2019

"Calera" released on July 6, 2018

“Covered In Roses (feat. Erin Rae)” released on January 26, 2018 (JECATR).

“Southern Hotel” released on April 2, 2013 (solo).


Its mix of alt-country and rock ‘n’ roll is like a convergence of Crazy Horse meets James Taylor or The Eagles.
— Brian Tucker, The WAE
Every song is written by the heart on his sleeve. Clark’s goal is to invite people in and to ensure the music is relatable and comforting.
— Bethany Turner, Encore Magazine



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